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Huazi Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300490) focuses on automation and information technology, and provides core software and hardware products and system solutions for users in the fields of water conservancy and hydropower, intelligent power distribution, environmental protection water treatment, and industrial control.

The company takes the lead in the market share of power station and pump station automation control equipment in the country, and has made rapid deployments and breakthroughs in emerging areas such as new energy and rail transit. It has provided efficient and high-quality products and services to more than 7,000 factories and stations in more than 40 countries around the world.

Since its establishment, Huazi Technology has been approved to set up innovative platforms such as the National Enterprise Technology Center, Academician Expert Workstation, Postdoctoral Research Workstation, etc. The laboratory has been accredited by the National CNAS, and has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and the first prize of Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award. Awards, China Well-known Trademarks, Seven-Star (Outstanding) After-sales Service Certification, and many other awards. It is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization International Small Hydropower Center Control Equipment Manufacturing Demonstration Base.

Company History

2018-, the era of bi-base

,子公司格兰特签订晨鸣纸业项目合同,合同金额总计4.32亿元 In January , subsidiary Grant signed a contract for Chenming Paper with a total contract value of 432 million yuan .
,公司测试中心实验室通过 中国合格评定国家认可委员会(CNAS)认可 ,标志着公司实验室具备了全球认可的管理水平和检测能力。 On June 12 , the company's test center laboratory passed the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) , marking that the company's laboratory has a globally recognized management level and testing capabilities.
,推出的 HZInfo3000-RC河长制信息化平台 并在广东省广宁县成功上线使用 In July , the HZInfo3000-RC Hechang system information platform was launched and successfully used in Guangning County, Guangdong Province .
,获批国家企业技术中心,是公司技术创新能力、研究开发能力及综合实力的体现 On July 9 , the approval of the National Enterprise Technology Center is a reflection of the company's technological innovation capabilities, research and development capabilities, and overall strength .
HZ-YTJS新型转桨控制系统 在河南济源河口水电站成功投入运行,为 国内首创 In August , HZ-YTJS new-type propeller control system was successfully put into operation in Henan Jiyuan Hekou Hydropower Station, which is the first of its kind in China .
首个EPC总承包的金驰能源110kV变电站工程成功送电投运 In October , the first EPC general contracted Jinchi Energy 110kV substation project was successfully delivered and put into operation .
完成 重大资产重组配套融资及股份发行 ,融资3.69亿元。 In October , complete financing for major asset restructuring and share issuance were completed , raising 369 million yuan.
公司获批 博士后科研工作站 ,标志着公司在高端人才的引进与培养、重大科研项目的研究与开发方面将迎来更好机遇。 On October 26 , the company was approved for a post-doctoral research workstation , marking that the company will usher in better opportunities in the introduction and cultivation of high-end talents, and the research and development of major scientific research projects.
公司第一个完整的水电EPC项目 ——赞比亚卡山吉库水电站项目顺利完工发电。 In December , the company's first complete hydropower EPC project , the Kashanjiku Hydropower Project in Zambia, successfully completed its power generation.
HZK-WIP垃圾焚烧发电DCS自动化系统 在广东佛山顺控环投固废垃圾发电厂成功投运,并全面通过项目验收;同时,在餐厨垃圾处理领域DCS系统也实现突破。 In December , the DCS automation system for HZK-WIP waste incineration power generation was successfully put into operation at the Shunkong Huanxiang Solid Waste Waste Power Plant in Foshan, Guangdong, and passed the project acceptance. At the same time, the DCS system in the kitchen waste treatment field also achieved a breakthrough. The project bases in Nanhai, Zhangzhou and Mudanjiang have been put into operation successively.
完成 中非博阿利2项目合同正式签订,合同总额过亿元。 In December , the contract for the completion of the China-Africa Boali Project 2 was officially signed, with a total contract value exceeding 100 million yuan.
公司获得“第五届长沙高新区质量奖”。 On December 21 , the company won the "Fifth Changsha High-tech Zone Quality Award".

2017, the era of bi-base
,公司全资子公司深圳前海华自投资管理有限公司与湖南新天电数科技有限公司签署投资协议, 新天电数 成为华自大家庭新成员。 In July , Shenzhen Qianhai Huazi Investment Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, signed an investment agreement with Hunan Xintiandianshu Technology Co., Ltd. Xintiandian became a new member of the Huazi family.
,公司全资并购 深圳市精实机电科技有限公司 北京格兰特膜分离设备有限公司 的重大资产重组事项获得证监会审核通过。 In August , the company's wholly-owned merger and acquisition of Shenzhen Jingshi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Grant Membrane Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. was approved by the CSRC.
,HZP600系列保护平台及HZ681母差保护等系列成套保护装置通过开普实验室检测,标志着 公司在110kV/220kV电网保护及重大测控平台领域上了新台阶 In September , HZP600 series protection platform and HZ681 bus differential protection and other complete protection devices passed the testing by Cape Lab, marking that the company has reached a new level in the field of 110kV / 220kV power grid protection and major measurement and control platforms .
,中国能源建设集团湖南省电力设计院有限公司与公司签订战略合作协议,标志着 我公司与央企深度合作的开始 In September , China Energy Construction Group Hunan Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the company, marking the beginning of the in- depth cooperation between our company and central enterprises .
,公司全资子公司深圳前海华自投资管理有限公司作为主要发起人的 湖南斯迈特工程技术有限公司 成立。 In November , Shenzhen Qianhai Huazi Investment Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company , was established as the main promoter of Hunan Smart Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
,HZInfo3000水利信息化平台V4.0、手机客户端软件V3.0通过项目评审,大大提高公司在 水利信息化及其他领域的信息化产品的实施能力 In December , HZInfo3000 water conservancy information platform V4.0 and mobile client software V3.0 passed the project review, greatly improving the company 's ability to implement information products in water conservancy information and other fields .
,HZK-OTS油罐区/发油棚自动化系统、HZK-MHS物料转运/仓储自动化系统,在中粮项目中完成实施、验收及评审并获得好评, 亚太最大规模 的固废垃圾焚烧发电(4×98T,2×35MW)项目DCS自控系统完成调试并实现一号炉成功点火,标志着 公司在大型工控DCS应用领域上了新台阶 In December , HZK-OTS oil tank area / fat shed automation system, HZK-MHS material transfer / storage automation system completed implementation, acceptance and review in the COFCO project and received favorable comments. 4 × 98T, 2 × 35MW) project DCS automatic control system completed debugging and successfully ignited No. 1 furnace, marking that the company has reached a new level in the application of large-scale industrial control DCS .
,华自科技(公司)售后服务体系认证评审通过并获得 五星级(最高级)证书 In December , Huazi Technology (Company) passed the after-sales service system certification review and obtained a five-star (most advanced) certificate .
,全资子公司北京格兰特膜分离设备有限公司中标山东晨鸣纸业集团的寿光晨鸣和湛江晨鸣中水回用项目,合同中标金额为43,236 万元,是迄今为止 全资子公司中标金额最大的项目 On December 25, Beijing Grant Membrane Separation Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, won the bid for the Shouguang Chenming and Zhanjiang Chenming Reclaimed Water Reuse Projects of Shandong Chenming Paper Group. The project with the largest bid amount of the subsidiary .
,公司企业发展资格等级上了新的台阶,先后通过“ 电力工程施工总承包二级、电子智能化工程专业承包壹级、水利信用等级(供货类)评价AAA级 ”各项资质申请并获证,国家级技术中心申报也有实质性进展。 From January to December , the company's enterprise development qualification level has reached a new level. It has successively passed various items such as " Electric Power Engineering Construction General Contracting Level II, Electronic Intelligent Engineering Professional Contracting Level One, and Water Conservancy Credit Rating (Supply Category) Evaluation AAA ". The qualification application has been obtained and the certificate has been submitted, and the application of the national-level technology center has also made substantial progress.
2016, the era of dual base
信息系统集成及服务一级资质证书 The company obtained the first-level qualification certificate of information system integration and service issued by China Electronics and Information Industry Federation ;
参加2016年二十国集团工商峰会(B20峰会) ,参与全球经济治理和国际经贸规则制定的研讨; The company participated in the 2016 G20 Business Summit (B20 Summit) as one of the four Hunan enterprises , and participated in the discussion of global economic governance and the formulation of international economic and trade rules;
百项重点新产品推进计划 ”重点新产品研发项目。 The "Aviation Engine Tip Clearance Online Monitoring System" project was included in the 2016 Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Commission as a key new product research and development project in the " 100 Hundred Key New Product Promotion Plans " of the province's industrial sector .
New starting point and new journey in 2015
The new starting point and new journey have made it into the ranks of listed companies, which has encouraged Hua Ziren to work harder in the new journey.
Huazi Technology has been down-to-earth, constantly improving its core competitiveness in terms of quality and management, and finally achieved leapfrogging.
,华自科技股份有限公司正式在深交所挂牌交易(华自科技,股票代码:300490)。 On December 31, 2015, Huazi Technology Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Huazi Technology, stock code: 300490).
2008-2015, Lugu Industrial Park era, creating new glories
,“华自”商标被国家工商总局商标局批复认定为 中国驰名商标 、“分布式发电智能监控及光水互补技术研发应用”项目获评 国家火炬计划产业化示范项目 、“配电系统故障自愈控制关键技术及成套设备”项目获评 湖南省科学技术进步一等奖 、成为首批“长沙智能制造试点示范企业”、牵头编写的多项国家级技术规范发布; In 2015 , the "Huazi" trademark was approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a well-known trademark in China , and the "Distributed Power Generation Intelligent Monitoring and Optical-Water Complementary Technology R & D Application" project was evaluated as a national torch plan industrialization demonstration project and a "distribution system" The key technology of fault self-healing control and complete set of equipment was awarded the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Hunan Province , became the first batch of "Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprise", and issued a number of national-level technical specifications.
,“HZInfo3000水利信息化系统”通过省级验收、国家高铁示范工程沪昆高铁配电工程采用公司高端Blokset开关柜; In 2014 , the "HZInfo3000 Water Conservancy Information System" passed provincial inspection and the national high-speed rail demonstration project. The Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail power distribution project adopted the company's high-end Blokset switchgear;
,牵头组建“ 长沙市智能电力设备产业技术创新战略联盟 ”,并成为理事长单位、获评 工业企业产品质量分类监管AA类(最高等级)企业 In 2013, he took the lead in setting up the " Changsha Smart Power Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance ", and became the chairman unit, and was awarded the category AA (highest level) enterprise of product quality classification and supervision of industrial enterprises ;
,首创的电站完全无人值班技术通过部级鉴定、获批成立“ 院士专家工作站 ”、获批国家火炬计划重点高新技术企业、“ 电网智能化监控关键技术研究及应用 ”获批省科技重大专项; In 2012 , the first completely unattended power plant technology passed the ministerial appraisal, was approved to establish an " Academician Expert Workstation ", was approved to be a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, and " Research and Application of Key Technologies for Intelligent Monitoring of Power Grid " was approved by the provincial science and technology Major projects
,通过 企业技术中心认定 、组建自动化控制工程技术研究中心; In 2011 , through the identification of the Enterprise Technology Center , the establishment of an automation control engineering technology research center;
,全球首个“ 联合国工业发展组织国际小水电中心水电控制设备制造长沙基地 ”落户公司、“大型企业综合电气节能关键技术及应用”获 国家科学技术进步二等奖 In 2010 , the world's first " United Nations Industrial Development Organization International Small Hydropower Center Hydroelectric Control Equipment Manufacturing Changsha Base " settled in the company and "Key Technologies and Applications of Integrated Electrical Energy Conservation for Large Enterprises" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress ;
,成为“ 中国水力发电工程学会控制技术培训中心 ”、加入“ 联合国全球契约组织 ”。 In 2009, it became the " China Hydroelectric Engineering Society Control Technology Training Center " and joined the " United Nations Global Compact ".
2000-2008, the era of Yin Shuang Road · Fenghua Zhengmao
,通过国家高新技术企业认定、被科技部火炬中心评为 国家火炬计划产业基地骨干 In 2008, it passed the national high-tech enterprise certification and was awarded the backbone of the national torch plan industrial base by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology ;
,被CHC全国高科技质量监督促进工作委员会评为 全国科技创新质量管理先进单位 In 2007, it was appraised as the National Advanced Unit of Science and Technology Innovation Quality Management by the National High-tech Quality Supervision and Promotion Committee of CHC ;
,荣获第十届中国国际软件博览会金奖; In 2006 , won the gold medal of the 10th China International Software Expo;
,受水利部委托, 起草自动化设备应用指导意见 In 2005, commissioned by the Ministry of Water Resources to draft guidance on the application of automation equipment ;
,“电站综合自动化系统”获批 国家火炬计划项目 In 2003 , the "Power Station Integrated Automation System" was approved by the National Torch Plan Project ;
,公司被评为“ 湖南省十大行业五百强企业 ”; In 2002 , the company was named " Top 500 Enterprises in Top Ten Industries in Hunan Province ";
,“110kV及以下输电线路保护装置”连续5年(1995-2000)被中国质量检验协会评定为 国家监督抽查合格好产品 In 2001 , the "110kV and below transmission line protection device" was evaluated as a good product under national supervision and random inspection for 5 consecutive years (1995-2000) ;
,公司本部拓址现代化的银双路产业基地, 华自人拥有自己的产业基地 In 2000 , the company's headquarters expanded to the modern Yinshuanglu industrial base. Huaziren owns its own industrial base .
1995-1999, Viewing the Sand Ridge Era and Grinding Journey
,被原国家经济与贸易委员会列入 《全国城乡电网建设与改造所需主要设备产品及生产企业推荐目录》 In 1999, it was included in the "Recommended Catalogue of Major Equipment Products and Production Enterprises for National Urban and Rural Power Grid Construction and Transformation" by the former National Economic and Trade Commission
,被原国家电力公司批准进入 《农村电网建设与改造工程推荐产品及生产企业名录》 In 1998, it was approved to be listed in the "Recommended Products and Production Enterprises of Rural Power Grid Construction and Reconstruction Project" by the former State Power Corporation ;
,MTC系列电站综合自动化系统进入东盟国家,自此 公司产品开始进入国际市场 In 1997 , MTC series power station integrated automation systems entered ASEAN countries, and since then, the company's products have entered the international market ;
,“变电站微机集控系统”被原电力工业部确定为 农网重点产品 定点生产厂。 In 1996 , the "Substation Microcomputer Centralized Control System" was designated by the former Ministry of Electric Power Industry as a designated production plant for key products of rural power grids .
1993-1994, era of construction machinery institute · departure together
In the early 1990s, several Chinese entrepreneurs, full of the ideal of "reporting the country by industry," began an arduous struggle in a laboratory of less than 90 square meters.

Company culture

Huazi Subsidiary: Shenzhen Jingshi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Hubei Jingshi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Grant Membrane Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Kanpur Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Greenland Environmental Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Yantai Greenland Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Qianhai Huazi Investment Management Co., Ltd. Hunan Glaite New Energy Development Co., Ltd. Hunan Huazi Smart Technology Co., Ltd. Huati Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Xintian Dianshu Technology Co., Ltd. Yueyang Huazi New Energy Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Huazi Technology Co., Ltd. HNAC Technology Co. Limited (Zambia) Changsha AVIC Information Technology Co., Ltd. Xi'an Summer Technology Co., Ltd. Huxi Huazi New Energy Co., Ltd. Hunan Nengchuang Energy Development Co., Ltd. Hunan Huazi Energy Service Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yiliantong Software Co., Ltd. Hunan Nengchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

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